Speedinvest Marketplaces & Consumer (M&C)

The Speedinvest M&C team is a focused fund under the Speedinvest umbrella that backs pre-seed and seed stage companies shaping the future across B2B and B2C at the intersection of marketplaces, eCommerce 2.0 and consumer subscriptions. 

Its vision is to be the preferred partner of entrepreneurs building tomorrow‘s network effect-driven platforms and technologies. The fund invests between €200,000 to €2,000,000 as the first institutional investor into marketplace and consumer subscription startups across Europe and beyond. 

The Speedinvest M&C team consists of 8 investment professionals with deep domain expertise, supported by Speedinvest’s portfolio services platform. Read more here.

The Team

Jeroen Arts, Partner at Speedinvest

After receiving an International Economics degree, Jeroen joined Global Sports Communication – a management agency representing world-class track and field athletes. During his time at the company, he worked closely with the world’s best athletes, including Olympic champions.

After the 2012 London Olympic games, Jeroen founded Deskbookers, an online marketplace for work and meeting spaces in the Netherlands. He led the company as the CEO until February 2017 and spearheaded its internationalization by raising venture capital and growing a talented team of 20+ full-time employees.

Jeroen has been a member of the Speedinvest Marketplaces & Consumer team since December 2017 and is dedicated to building tomorrow’s marketplace platforms and the technologies that enable them.

Toyosi Ogedengbe, Senior Associate at Speedinvest

Toyosi is a former founder and management consultant with a particular affinity for marketplaces. He joined Speedinvest’s Martketplaces & Consumer team after completing his MBA at Oxford University in 2020.  Initially starting his career as a management consultant at BearingPoint, he transitioned to working directly with startups to help build their ventures. Some of which he had the opportunity to back as an early angel investor during their formative years.

More recently, he co-founded a deal-sourcing platform that connects curated tech companies in Africa with private investors as a means to catalyze the growing ecosystem on the continent. 

Alongside his MBA, Toyosi worked at Creator Fund, a student-led VC backed by Founders Factory, where he led dealflow and due diligence across the Oxford entrepreneurship ecosystem. He also worked at Bessemer Venture Partners supporting their European investment strategy and official launch in-market. He loves traveling, spending time (brunching or in the park) with his young family and riding alternative forms of transport such as jet skis and quad bikes.

Nora Herzog, Senior Event Marketing Manager at Speedinvest

Nora is very passionate about the events industry and loves building communities and networks. She started working in the startup industry in Berlin, while working at the German Startups Association and was involved in fostering ties between startup hubs worldwide. In her capacity as Senior Event Manager, she has organized workshops, conferences and exhibitions as well as startup trips to India, the US, and Israel. 

She also gained some experience working very closely with political clients (mainly the European Union) and most recently was involved in the organization of the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games in Beijing. 

She loves traveling, sports, and being outdoors in general, and is always up for trying new things as well.