Carmen Rico


Carmen is a VC turned Angel at Cocoa – an angel fund backed by tech founders, Cocoa invests angel checks into European pre-seed/seed companies and becomes the in-house VC for founders.

Previously she was a Partner at Series A fund Blossom and a very active angel (20+ angel investments). Carmen was the first investor in hopin – she’s credited with having syndicated 100% of the pre-seed round in September 2019. She was also first check into SideQuestVR,, Cauldron and HeyGo, amongst others.

Carmen looks for Killers with a Heart and likes to invest in businesses with insane customer love – she looks for businesses supported by super engaged communities, where members have almost an emotional connection with the product/experience and a strong sense of belonging. B2B and B2C companies that are almost cults for their users are highly scalable and defensible. Pre investing, Carmen started her career in politics.

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