James Currier

General Partner, NFX

James Currier and the team at NFX are some of the foremost experts on marketplace design, growth and network effects. James is a four-time CEO of VC backed companies, including Tickle (acq Monster), WonderHill (acq Kabam), Iron Pearl (acq PayPal) and Jiff (acq Castlight).  

James is a pioneer of user-generated models, viral marketing, A/B testing, crowdsourcing, and myriad other growth techniques that have since been adopted by nearly all technology companies, including LinkedIn and Facebook. In 2015, James co-founded NFX, a $475M early-stage venture capital firm focused on network effect businesses along with Pete Flint, Gigi Levy Weiss, and Morgan Beller. 

You can read his world-leading analysis of network effects and growth at www.nfx.com/essays