From surviving to thriving

Rinat has built & cultivated high performing teams in companies like HP, WeWork & TravelPerk and is currently doing the same at byrd. Touching on attracting and retaining talent, engaging & connecting with employees and change management, she is excited to share key principles that will allow you to build and develop a happy, high functioning, HR team that will allow your business to thrive.

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How to break through monetization in uncertain times

As the global uncertainty and inflation rises, marketplaces need more resilient monetization strategies to stay profitable and competitive. From the the breakout startup Topsort, specializing in marketplace monetization via auctions and privacy-friendly tech, this session with CEO of Topsort Regina discusses how to breakthrough monetization in a bear market.

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Masterclass: Why tokens are not magic

Tokens are seen as a way to solve the "cold start problem" on web3 networks. But this is not as straightforward as it appears. This can only be applied to a small subset of web3 networks. And even when it works, the fundamental rules of networks do not change.

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